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Popur Announces Launch of a Revolutionary Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Popur, a consumer technology startup, announced the launch of an automatic cat litter box that revolutionizes the category using a unique two-box system. With a 24-inch roomy interior, 21-day odorless waste storage, easy-to-clean and intrinsically safe design, Popur provides cat owners with the utmost convenience and absolute assurance Popur is available now on Kickstarter starting at $249.

The Popur X5 Self-Cleaning Litter Box takes an unprecedented approach to cat waste disposal. The open-air space and oversized litter area of 20″ x 16″ is big enough for most cats – even Maine Coons, and allows a layer of litter as deep as 4″ for better clumping action and cleanliness. With SuperSense™ detection algorithm and an ingenious pinch-free mechanism, the cleaning process begins only when no cats are present and will not be interrupted thereon. Then, the box lifts and sifts the litter through a filter, followed by the filter dumping the waste. This proprietary DuoTilt™ technology ensures all clumps are removed from the litter, accommodates the use of different types as well as a large amount of litter, and keeps the inner surface of the box cleaner. The waste is eventually transferred to and stored in a sealed waste bin outside of the main litter box. The bin is capable of holding all waste produced by a single cat for 21 days. Popur is also outfitted with several distinct features to both prevent and remove sticky clumps. In short, this innovative system means that the litter box will stay clean and fresh, eliminate bad smells and reduce maintenance.

All cat owners can agree…scooping litter is not a fancy job. Since its debut, the development of self-cleaning litter boxes has been stagnant for almost two decades. Let alone their hefty price tags, all existing contraptions fail in at least one of the following aspects: too crowded for cats, possible to hurt cats, easy to get gunky but difficult to clean, too smelly or prone to glitches, therefore defeating their purposes. Our goal with Popur is to change the status quo by creating a litter box that allows people to live a scoopless life without any compromises.” – Daniel, Founder & CEO of Popur.

Popur works quietly at sub-40 decibels. It can be placed on both carpet and hard surfaces, something that typical litter boxes cannot do. It adds convenience with mobile app and voice control options. Popur has reserved interfaces for add-ons such as cameras, weight tracker, litter loader, etc. that further extend its capabilities. The product comes with a standard 2-year warranty across the globe.

The Popur Self-Cleaning Litter Box is the best way for families with cats to keep kitty litter clean, safe, and odor-free. It frees cat owners from unpleasant chores and keeps cats happy with a sanitary, fresh, inviting litter box. Popur is available now on Kickstarter with special deals and discounts for early adopters. Learn more here.

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