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Guuluu Announces FaceTime Pet Camera to Stay in Contact with Pets 24/7 via Phone

Guuluu, an innovative team focused on smart products for pets, just announced the launch of an advanced FaceTime Pet Camera that lets pet owners stay in contact with their pets 24/7.  Designed to keep pets from becoming lonely or experiencing separation anxiety, Guuluu gives people an easy way to interact with pets in real-time from anywhere. With 1080p HD camera with 90Hz pet-friendly display, pets never need to feel lonely or bored when their owners are away. Guuluu is available now; for more information, visit the campaign here:

Guuluu is an instant communication device designed especially for people to see, speak, and interact with their pets anytime, anywhere. It is fitted with a 1080p HD camera and 7” 90Hz pet-friendly display, allowing users to FaceTime with pets while they are at work or traveling. With Guuluu, users can even reward pets with a treat, using the built-in Treat Tosser. With 24/7 access to the pet’s daily life, owners will never have to wonder how they are doing while home alone. Being able to comfort pets at any time helps to reduce their loneliness and separation anxiety and results in happier, healthier pets.

“At Guuluu, we are pet product innovators but also pet owners. And like you, we consider pets to be part of the family and know how difficult and lonely it can be for them to stay home alone when their beloved owners are out. Guuluu focuses on giving pets and owners a way to interact on a personal level using sight, sound, and even tasty treats. We developed a special pet-friendly display so your furry friend can see and hear you and designed a treat tosser so your pets can be rewarded for being good while you are away. Now, with Guuluu, your dog or cat will never suffer from loneliness and you can keep an eye on your home and your pets 24/7.” – Jianbo Gao, Guuluu Founder

Guuluu is a perfect way to accompany pets when owners are not at home. See pets in real-time with the 160° Wide-angle Lens, 4x Zoom and stunning 1080p HD clarity. To animals, a regular TV screen appears to be rapidly flickering. This rapid flicker makes the images appear less real and thus, many animals do not pay attention to it. With Smart Alerts for unusual barking, night vision, and real-time notifications, owners can always keep an eye on the situation with pets and around the home, and the system uses activity detection to record the action in the cloud for 24 hours of remote recording and playback.

Guuluu FaceTime Pet Camera is a perfect way to interact with pets when owners are not at home.  It keeps pets interested, entertained and out of trouble 24/7. Guuluu is available for pre-sale now with rewards and incentives for early adopters. Learn more here.

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