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My Dog, Hen

David Mackintosh

Brimming with the lively artwork and waggish humor that make his books a joy for kids and parents alike, David Mackintosh’s newest book explores finding value in the unwanted and obsolete, through the pleasures and perils of adopting a rescue puppy.

Hardcover, 32 pages, RRP £11.99 Published by Prestel: October 13 2022

“Why should we get a brand-new dog when Hen is as good as new to us?” asks the boy at the centre of this story. Hen the dog is brought home in a cardboard box, given numerous toys and food—and proceeds to enthusiastically eat up his loving home. When nothing can be done (and all the pocket money has been spent on new toys) the solution to the problem comes from an unexpected source.

Readers of all ages will laugh at Hen’s boundless energy and parents especially will identify with the challenges of training a headstrong dog. Any family that has ever adopted a rescue pet will appreciate this story’s gentle lesson about finding value in our less-than-perfect belongings and loved ones.

David says:

“These days it’s common to have lots of ‘stuff’ in our life. Whether we get the stuff online or at a local shop, it’s easy to accumulate it without a second thought. I wanted to write a book about finding the worth in something that wasn’t box fresh, and still has its own story to tell.”

David Mackintosh has worked in book publishing as a designer and art director, collaborating with authors, illustrators and photographers. He is the author of numerous picture books for children, and has a weakness for drawing. He lives in London, England.

Prestel is a leading independent publisher of books on art history, architecture, design, photography, fashion and children’s books. From pop culture and major exhibition catalogues to retrospectives and career-defining works, quality reigns throughout.

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